What is the earliest I can drop my dog off?

What is the latest I can pickup my dog?
6pm, with a £3 charge for every 15minutes thereafter.

How do I book my dog in?
Book your dog in by calling 07311 647302, emailing wagtailbarn@hotmail.com or by
sending us a message via our Facebook or Instagram page.

Can I just bring my dog in without booking?
No. We need to assess your dog to ensure that it is social and proof that they have been
vaccinated before they are permitted to stay with us.

Are dogs that have not been vaccinated allowed in?
No. We have a strict policy that all dogs must be vaccinated before coming to us.
The health and wellbeing of each dog is one of our main priorities so you can be rest assured that
your dog is safe and only surrounded by other healthy dogs at Wag Tail Barn.

Will my dog ever be left unattended?
No. From the moment your dog arrives to the moment you pick them up, your dog will always be supervised
by a certified pet first aid member of staff.

What happens if an aggressive dog interacts with my dog?
Wag Tail Barn only accept social dogs with no history of aggression so your dog will always be safe
and only ever surrounded by other happy, healthy and social dogs.

What is the procedure if there is an emergency?
We will instantly try to get in contact with you, but if we are unable to reach you and immedidate medical attention is required,
we will take your dog to the nearest established vetinarian.

I breed my dogs so they are not neutered, is this OK?
We are sorry but at this time we require that all dogs must be neutered or spayed once mature age is reached.